Immerse yourself in the incredible waters of Formentera and enjoy a unique experience. In the Marine Reserve dels Freus of Ibiza and Formentera you can discover all the marine fauna and flora of the Pitiusas Islands. A unique excursion for those who want to know the Mediterranean and its wide biodiversity.

Aware of the problem, not only with Posidonia but with all marine ecosystems and especially with our Mediterranean Sea, Helix Rent a Boat has promoted a new project aimed at raising awareness and raising awareness of the great importance of preserving this essential plant for the maintenance of our marine habitat and to present first hand the seabed of Las Pitiusas, its flora and fauna. And very especially the prairies of Oceanic Posidonia, probably the most important plant in the marine ecosystem of Las Pitiuses.

It is essential to raise awareness among our tourism, and especially nautical tourism, of the importance of the conservation of this ecosystem of great biological diversity.

Provide information about the marine area of Formentera and Ibiza and the need to ensure the proper management of this space and the favorable conservation of seabirds that justify their incorporation into the Red Natura 2000, such as the Mediterranean Cinderella Pardela, the Balearic Pardela, the Mediterranean moñudo cormorant and the Audouin gull, among others. What defines this habitat as of great ecological interest that, among other aspects, is fundamental for the feeding of certain seabirds, both native and migratory of regular presence.

International organizations such as Greenpeace and local administrations and associations have struggled in this regard for years with the creation of projects for this purpose.

Between 2001 and 2006, the Government of the Balearic Islands carried out the Life Posidonia project, whose objective was to guarantee the viability and the biological richness of the habitat in waters of the Balearic Islands, being the secondary objectives, to protect an important representation of the habitat avoiding the main threats (overexploitation, uncontrolled public use, colonization by exotic species, etc.), guaranteeing the conservation of the species in Annex II of the Habitat Directive and of the priority species of the Birds Directive, and acquiring and disseminating new knowledge about its habitat, ecology and its influence on coastal dynamics.

In 2017, the Consell Insular de Formentera created the Save Posidonia Project. A project aimed at promoting sustainable tourism and launching an action plan to raise funds that will go exclusively to the conservation of the Oceanic Posidonia. The objective is to raise awareness about the vital importance of Posidonia in Formentera in the present and especially for future generations.

In 2018, Manu San Félix, marine biologist, photographer of National Geographic but above all, defender of marine nature, with more than 30 years of experience dedicated to the sea, to his study, observation and defense, developed through the Vellmarí Association, a computer application, Posidonia Maps, so that navigators can anchor in the waters of Formentera without damaging the Posidonia meadows, avoiding cases such as those that have occurred in recent years where the anchors of large pleasure boats devastate in a few minutes what nature (1 cm. of annual growth) has cost centuries to achieve.

Now, in 2021, Helix Rent a Boat makes available to residents and visitors, informative and educational tourist excursions on the seabed and, in particular, the importance of preservation and conservation of the prairies of Oceanic Posidonia.



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